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Book Review of The Slave Dancer

The Slave Dancer
The Slave Dancer
Author: Paula Fox
Genre: Children's Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Let me just start out by saying that some literary critics believe that this book is inappropriate reading for the Junior High grade level due to the violent nature of the story. The plot focuses on a disturbing topic and has some graphic images, therefore some discretion should be used. But I don't believe that is sufficient reason for keeping the book out of the hands of students. I am, however, discussing this book as a work that would be best read as a literature study with the guidance of a teacher or parent and accompanied by thoughtful discussion. In my opinion, it's not the kind of book you just give a ten-year-old for independent recreational reading.

The Slave Dancer begins in New Orleans in 1840 and relates the story of a boy forced onto a slave trade ship. Slavery has played a very real part in the history of many civilizations, and for Americans it is probably the most shameful episode in our nations history. American students should be made aware of the horrors of slavery, and The Slave Dancer allows the reader to view from first person perspective how barbaric the practice was and what it was like for its victims.

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