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Book Review of Adored

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ADORED is an ambitious debut novel that takes you inside the world of Hollywood in the same vein of a Jackie Collins novelit's purely candy for the brain.

And while I think the storytelling does show promise, none of the characters ever actually step into three dimensions, which is unfortunate after you spend 548 hardcover pages with them! I mean, every single onefrom Duke to Minnie to Claire, Caroline, Siena, Hunter, Maxthey're all stick figures for the entire run time. Not to mention the loads of repetitive relationship rigmarole and character bloat could've been cut out from the middle without losing a thing.

Overall, the writing style was amateur and felt too over-indulged, so I can't get this one higher than a C+ but I've enjoyed a couple of Tilly Bagshawe's Sidney Sheldon novels so I'm certainly open to trying her again at some point in the future.