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Book Review of Undead and Unworthy (Queen Betsy, Bk 7)

Undead and Unworthy (Queen Betsy, Bk 7)
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Helpful Score: 6

MJD points out in her introduction that the new cover of UNDEAD AND UNWORTHY reflects the new direction that this book and the two upcoming ones will follow; a mini-story arc within a story arc. Frankly, I'm not all that thrilled.

Betsy is still Betsy -- still childish, still prone to immaturity, still interested with having sex with her new husband as often as possible, still the new guardian of Baby Jon (although he's conspicuously missing from this installment), still back-and-forth with best friend Jessica, still vampire-non-grata for Detective Nick.

It's all still there, with a bit of humor thrown in, and a new weird sideline into what I guess is the aforementioned "arc."

My biggest complaint with the story was the fact that, although after seven books I realize that MJD never goes into much description for ANYTHING, I was shocked that there was a major (and majorly depressing) conclusion to the book that was summed up in about three pages.

I hate that. Really. I don't expect the author to go into intricate detail (a la Stephen King) of description, dialogue, and backstory (as I said, it's not MJD's trademark), but just a few pages when you've seriously lessened the number of main characters??

Okay, overall, I didn't mind spending 2 1/2 hours reading UNDEAD AND UNWORTHY. And I'll still follow the series, even though it's not as great as it once was (basically, during the first two books). But I'm putting MJD on notice that, really, it's just not right to indiscriminately kill off some of my favorite characters.