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Book Review of Must Love Hellhounds: The Britlingens Go to Hell / Angel's Judgement / Magic Mourns / Blind Spot

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All hellhounds have a purpose. What that purpose is derives if they are friendly or down right terrifying.

In THE BRITTEGENS GO TO HELL by Charlaine Harris, the hellhounds guard Hell's jail. Batanya and Clovache are body guards hired by a man named Crick. He claims he left a conjuring ball in Hell that Lucifer gave him. He wants their protection when he returns to Hell to retrieve it. However, they aren't in Hell long before they are captured by Lucifer's minions. Batanya and Clovache have jail cells next to one another, and across from them resides a woman claiming to be Amelia Earhart. They'll need Amelia's help with the hellhounds if they have any chance to escape.

ANGEL'S JUDGMENT by Nalini Singh is A Guild hunter Novella. Sara Haziz is the newly appointed director of the Guild hunters. Her job is to hunt, retrieve, and return the vampires to their masters, the Angels, to complete their one hundred year contract of service. Deacon, the Slayer, hunts rogue guild hunters. He's been hired to find a vampire viciously killing vampires, but also to protect Sara. Every new director is tested by the Archangels and he needs to ensure she lives through it. What he didn't expect is to be sucker punched with desire the moment he lays his eyes on her.

In MAGIC MOURNS by Ilona Andrews; Andrea Nash is a Knight for the Order. In a world of magic and supernatural, she helps keep things in their order. Her partner, Kate Daniels, is on medical leave. So when a call comes in about a dog as big as a house giving chase, Andrea hunts it alone. When werehyena Raphael shows up at the scene, Andrea is annoyed. She's been evading Raphael for six months. She may desire him, but she craves monogamy, and Raphael is rumored to play the field. However, it will take both of them working together to send Cerberus, Hades underworld guard, back to Hell.

BLIND SPOT by Meljean Brook is A Guardian Novella. Maggie Wren used to work for the CIA, but now she is the butler for a very powerful vampire. When her boss's niece is kidnapped, Maggie means to retrieve her. With her companion hellhound, Sir Pup, beside her she manages to acquire a partner, Geoffrey Blake. Geoffrey has a unique ability, he can see through the eyes of all surrounding him. He wants Maggie, but first they need to find his sister, and he needs to figure out why Maggie lied about her last assassination job.

MUST LOVE HELLHOUNDS is a paranormal treat. There are many paranormal books out there, but not many that portray hellhounds. Romance, mystery, laugh-out loud humor, and four fabulous authors make this anthology a must read! Simply fabulous!