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Book Review of Jack & Jill (Alex Cross, Bk 3)

Jack & Jill (Alex Cross, Bk 3)
perryfran avatar reviewed on + 1175 more book reviews

This is the 3rd novel in the Alex Cross series. After reading several other novels in the series, I decided to go back and read some of the ones I have missed. Well, I thought this one was one of the better books in the series. It was written right after Kiss the Girls which I thought was one of Patterson's best. This was before he started using co-authors to help with the writing. It was also longer and more detailed than some of the later novels. Anyone, very readable and a page-turner as usual. This one actually dealt with a pair of nasty murderers on the loose - the titular Jack & Jill as well as a killer of young school children. Both are complex and lead Cross down the wrong path on several occasions. The Jack & Jill part of the story almost reminded me of Vince Flynn's Term Limits where some high level Government officials were killed to promote change in the government. I thought Limits was a superior story, but overall I would also recommend Jack & Jill.