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Book Review of Accidentally In Love With... A God? (Accidentally Yours, Bk 1)

Accidentally In Love With... A God? (Accidentally Yours, Bk 1)
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This a fun read sort of what MaryJanice Davidson might do with the whole Mayan pantheon at her disposal.

Emma has had an invisible friend most of her life. Well, invisible as in he talks to her in her head, and she wavers between wanting him to be real and fearing shes just delusional. When she grows up she wants him gone. Really. I mean, how normal can a woman be who has somebody talking in her head? And when she tries to date? Disaster! And he never answers her questions, not even about his name.

Her voice informs her that his body is being held captive in Mexico and gives her very specific directions on where to go and what to do and totally refuses to take NO for an answer. So our intrepid heroine treks reluctantly off to Mexico with severely mixed feelings and hopes that if hes really there and isnt some kind of alien warthog that she might finally get some answers.

Of course complications abound, there are the Maaskab, ugly witch doctor types with even uglier habits, Emmas missing grandmother who was apparently handed over to the Maaskab, good gods, bad gods, unknown allies, battle, torture and immortality. And then theres the pesky little fact that sex with the gods tends to be fatal for the human

However the rocky the road to romance does lead to a happily ever after. But be warned, the last page contains an oh my god teaser Avoid unless youre prepared to rush out and buy the next book!

I really enjoyed this one, the snarky dialogue made me laugh and Emma was a great character, if ADHD about her feelings and loyalties. You definitely agreed with Emma when she wanted to smack her voice and then his incarnation for being high-handed and never explaining things all for her own good, of course. Guy/Votan stumbled through falling in love but hey, even 70,000 year old gods arent too old to learn new tricks!

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