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Book Review of Small Favor (Dresden Files, Bk 10)

Small Favor (Dresden Files, Bk 10)
annapi avatar reviewed on + 334 more book reviews

I'm impressed by how Butcher has maintained the quality of this series even if he doesn't always succeed in one-upping the previous volume, as is the case here. A hard winter has fallen on Chicago, and in the middle of it Harry is attacked by goat-like creatures who he later discovers are the Summer Queen's enforcers - why he does not know. Then Mab, the deadly Winter Queen, calls in the second of the three favors he owes her - she wants him to rescue crime lord Johnny Marcone, who has been kidnapped, and again he does not know why. It's the beginning of a tangle that Harry is sure will turn deadly for him and his friends if he does not figure out the underlying politics. Butcher continues to develop his characters and keep the reader interested in their lives, and Molly is slowly growing nicely into her own power although she is unfortunately relegated to the background in this book. One thing that I really enjoy about this series is how Butcher always manages to throw a surprise twist at the end, which sometimes is a setup for the next volume. I can hardly wait for the next book!