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Book Review of Marked (House of Night, Bk 1)

Marked (House of Night, Bk 1)
sweetiepetey avatar reviewed on
Helpful Score: 17

At first I thought this book was going to be way more high school drama than I wanted to read about. But as I got further into the story I was drawn into the unique world that they exsist in. I also began to become curious about various plot theories and eager to find out the resolutions. There were some behaviours that I thought were a little much for a YA book, but I was o.k. with them because the heroine herself does not indulge and speaks out against them. The only thing that left me a little uncomfortable was the way that "the people of faith" (as they are called) were painted. But the book has peeked my interest and I will read the second in the series.