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Book Review of Grave Secret (Harper Connelly, Bk 4)

Grave Secret (Harper Connelly, Bk 4)
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Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris
The fourth book in the series answers many unanswered questions in the life of Harper Connelly, and her stepbrother Tolliver. They decide to take a break and visit their half sisters who live with their aunt and uncle, right after one last job.
But as often happens when you return home, bad memories surface. This is compounded when Tolliver finds out his father, Matthew, is out of jail and wanting to reconnect with his children. Mark, Tollivers brother, wants to be there for his dad but Tolliver wants nothing to do with his father.
Tolliver and Harper tell their aunt and uncle about there new relationship and put a strain on the visit. To make matters worse Matthew will not take no for an answer and shows up when Tolliver and Harper are visiting their sisters.
Things heat up when Tolliver gets shot and a police officer who is protecting Harper dies from a gunshot. It seems that the last case is somehow connected to the broken home Harper and Tolliver grew up in.
If you liked any of the first book you will really enjoy the fourth, but if you are new to the series start at the beginning this is not a story line you can jump into and expect to get as much out of it if you dont know the back story.