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Book Review of Little Bee (aka The Other Hand)

Little Bee (aka The Other Hand)
spiritedbabe59 avatar reviewed on + 106 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 8

OK, I have to admit I was lured in by the intriguing cover and the hype...and yet as I was paying at the register I had a nagging feeling that I should put it back... that I'm usually disappointed with many of the books that get so much focus from vendors. So at least I wasn't disappointed in that regard! I do have to say though that I liked Cleave's ability to distinguish Sarah and Little Bee - and not just because their storytelling voice was every other chapter! He captured a different rhythm and cadence to their voices and I knew easily who was speaking. And I liked Little Bee immensely. I've had a 4 year old, and while he wore odd clothes on a regular basis - he didn't ALWAYS speak incorrectly! Lawrence and Sarah both left me bored, annoyed, blah. Overall a huge disappointment.