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Book Review of Best Friends Forever (Audio CD) (Abridged)

Best Friends Forever (Audio CD) (Abridged)
ReadswhenIcan avatar reviewed on + 66 more book reviews

I just finished this audio book a few days ago. I really liked this story, though it was a bit long-winded. It had about 50+ chapters in this audio book and it seemed to go on and on. But, the story itself was very interesting and kept me wanting to hear more from these characters and the lives they lead.

It's about two girls, who are complete opposites, growing up together in Chicago suburbia, a town called Pleasant Ridge, and how these best friends grow apart as one grows up and meet new friends and experience different situations while the other has difficulties and challenges in her life. It was amazing to see how each girl sees the other and how the grass is always greener on the other side.

This book starts out in the present time after each girl has grown up and due to an uncontrollable incident at their high school reunion brings them back together after 15 years of each living totally different lives. Valerie is now a weather girl for a Chicago network and the other girl, Addie lives alone, as an artist, painting pictures for greeting cards. Valerie "accidentally" hits a guy from their class with her car and she ends up on Addie's front porch. This lead to a hasty trip south to Key West in order to let things "settle down" and hopefully figure out a plan. Along the way, there are many trips down memory lane to their childhoods and how each one saw each others lives and how each friend's lives went a different way. In the meantime, a detective from Pleasant Ridge is following them to FL in order to find them and figure out what happened at the reunion.

This story had a lot of detail and depth to it and you really begin to feel you know these girls and their stories. Perception is all relative, that's for sure. This was a great story and would recommend it to anyone!!! Two thumbs up for me!!!!