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Book Review of Turn Coat (Dresden Files, Bk 11)

Turn Coat (Dresden Files, Bk 11)
ophelia99 avatar reviewed on + 2527 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2

Wow I can't believe this is already the 11th book in the Dresden Files series. It's amazing how great these books are and this one doesn't disappoint.

When Morgan turns up almost dead on Harry's doorstep, Harry doesn't know what to think. I mean of all the people to come to for help, why would Morgan chose him? Morgan has been accused of murdering a member of the White Council and Harry knows Morgan didn't do it. Morgan has been able to lead the White Council on a wild goose chase but that will only last for another 48 hours. So Harry has 48 hours to find out who did frame Morgan; after all if Morgan can be wrongly accused how long will it take someone to accuse Harry of murder given his shady past with the Council? Things get more difficult when Harry is attacked by an ancient and evil shapeshifter. All you can do is hold your breath and go along for the ride as questions spin through your head: Will Harry clear Morgan? Will the Black Council finally be recognized as an entity and the Wizards Council torn apart?

This book was excellent and is on par with all the other books of the Dresden series. Action is non-stop, Harry has the stuffing kicked out of him (like usual), and things come to a head with mysterious unacknowledged Black Council. The characters are awesome, the fight scenes fantastic, and the plot complex and interesting. The overall aspects of this story are nicely wrapped up but the mystery around the overall story arc involving the Black Council are still developing at the end of the book. The biting sense of humor that these books are famous for is still there and help to make the books amusing and break up the tension a bit.

Thomas and Molly are in this book quite a bit as are the rest of the White Vampires. You learn quite a bit more about Thomas's family. Michael is conspicuously absent as are the Fallen.

This is a great book and I am disappointed I am finished with it; I am already looking forward to the next book. The next book is supposed to be entitled "Changes" and is scheduled to release April 2010. So far I know Orbit has purchased Dresden books 12 and 13; whether there will be more books after that point I don't know.