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Book Review of The Sentinel (Jack Reacher, Bk 25)

The Sentinel (Jack Reacher, Bk 25)
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This book was awful. After reading the first quarter of the book, I quit. I have never had to do this with a Jack Reacher book before.
I took a hard look at the cover and saw a second author listed, Andrew Child. I assume he is a relative of the listed primary author, Lee Child. From the writing style and content, I assume Andrew wrote most, if not all, of the book. The characters are two dimensional. The plot did not draw me in--it just sat there, words on a page. The primary character, Jack Reacher, did not demonstrate any of the clever sarcastic wit I have come to expect of this character, nor any of the plot twists Jack usually manages. Do not attempt reading this book unless you are in the midst of dental surgery or are in recovery from knee joint replacement surgery (or just ask for more drugs). Lee, loose this guy on any future books unless he is only a proof reader.