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Book Review of Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever
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Imagine your best friend selling you out. The person most close to you walking away and you alone. Addie suffers this at the hands of her best friend Val only to find Val on her steps years later ready and needing her friend back. What follows is a tale similar to that of a Thelma and Louise ride.

A good story, slightly slow at times but engaging with the constant flow between the past, present, and various character points of view. The pain Addie felt at the hands of her classmates is palpable and I felt myself remembering how I had also been teased, though for different reasons. This story reminded me that yes, it does get better. The thread of the strong survive is evident in the story. Addie and Val are both survivors and by the end of the book the reader feels that life for these two women will keep on getting better.