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Book Review of First Lord's Fury (Codex Alera, Bk 6)

First Lord's Fury (Codex Alera, Bk 6)
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I couldn't wait for the paperback, so I borrowed it from the library - and what a finish! Tavi, now technically First Lord of Alera, still has to find his way back home with his Canim allies to battle the Vord that is slowly decimating his land and people. His enemy Aquitainius Attis had been officially "adopted" by the late First Lord Gaius Sextus before he died, and so now commands until Tavi gets home. But treachery lurks among the Canim sorcerers, First Spear Valiar Marcus's true identity as the traitor Fidelias has been exposed to Tavi, and his mother Isana is captured by the Vord Queen. The Alerans are holding against the hoard but dying little by little as they struggle to overcome the sheer numbers of the mindless insect-creatures. Can Tavi find and destroy the Vord Queen before it's too late?


Butcher's rousing conclusion to this magnificent fantasy does not disappoint and the sheer devastation he leaves his world in quite takes your breath away. There were only two minor story points that did not sit well with me - that he took Attis away too conveniently instead of having a political showdown with Tavi, and that the Vord Queen at the end just fell too quickly and seemed to just give up. Otherwise he provides a thrilling end, and even leaves the possibility of future sequels open. I would love a return visit to this world!