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Book Review of Turn Coat (Dresden Files, Bk 11)

Turn Coat (Dresden Files, Bk 11)
luv2cnewthings avatar reviewed on + 55 more book reviews

Another one that will be short and sweet: Three (3) stars this time! For me, it was kind of a slow read compared to Small Favor even though Jim Butcher started off with a bang by bringing the infamous Donald Morgan to Harrys door with him saying something to the effect of: The wardens are after me!

So everyone is out for blood, except for Harry, of course. Regardless of the fact that Morgan has hounded him and attempted to goad him into his own self-destruction, Harry still tries to help him. This leads to a lot of loss for Harryfriends and perhaps even family and lovers.

Additionally, the story isnt limited to the Nevernever or the White Councils stronghold in Edinburgh. It crisscrosses parts of Chicago and brings us back to that accursed island. All of this is supposed to give us a better look at the White Council. It also turned out one obvious player from the Black Councils team heavy emphasis on obviouswhich made me take away one star on this review.