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Book Review of Rifles for Watie

Rifles for Watie
reviewed Great Read! on + 2 more book reviews

Loved all of the references to actual figures involved in the Civil War in this historical fiction book. We couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen to Jeff next. Although he was a Yankee, he could sympathize somewhat for the Confederates & actually bonded with them. We all know that the war wasn't actually over slavery, but this book doesn't really go into the causes of the war, just the soldiers struggles with fighting against those who are oftentimes family and former countrymen. Would recommend this to those who would like to get a view of what it would've been like to be engaged in a war against those who are not really "bad" guys and the lack of understanding the Northern soldiers had as to why they were even oppressing the Southerners. There was much confusion on their part owning to many who fought for the North held slaves themselves and many southerners who didn't even own slaves gave their lives fighting for independence from an oppressive government. A great read for those who can truly think for themselves and aren't just brainwashed by the "winner" of this War of Northern Agression.