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Book Review of Grave Secret (Harper Connelly, Bk 4)

Grave Secret (Harper Connelly, Bk 4)
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First Line: "All right," said the straw-haired woman in the denim jacket.

Harper Connelly was struck by lightning at the age of fifteen. She survived... with an extra "gift". She can locate dead bodies and deduce the cause of death. She and her stepbrother, Tolliver, make a living from this gift.

Harper is hired by the wealthy Joyce family to find some answers behind the death of their patriarch, Rich, but they're shocked at what Harper sees. When Harper's life is threatened, she realizes that the death of Rich Joyce may tie into her own family history. To further complicate matters, Tolliver's drug addict father is out of jail and wants a reunion. All this dredges up the pain of Harper's sister's disappearance eight years ago. Will she be able to find all the answers?

Perhaps because it has so much to do with tying up loose ends in her own past, Grave Secret is a rather somber book. Harper and Tolliver had horrible childhoods, and they've worked hard to overcome it all. Having Tolliver's father show up and bring back memories of her sister makes Harper determined to find the answers she's been looking for for over eight years.

Although I am trying to keep this review spoiler free for those who may want to read earlier books in the series, I like how Harris addresses the uneasiness readers may feel at the relationship between Harper and Tolliver by showing how other characters react.

The uneasiness I feel has nothing to do with Harper and Tolliver. It has everything to do with the continuation of the series. In another favorite series of mine written by Harris, once she said what she wanted to say about the main character, the series was finished after only five books. Harris tied up a lot of loose ends in Harper's story, but I'd still love to see a few more books about her. Let's hope Harris has more to say about this very interesting character.