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Book Review of All the Dead Shall Weep (Gunnie Rose, Bk 5)

All the Dead Shall Weep (Gunnie Rose, Bk 5)
cyndij avatar reviewed on + 1031 more book reviews

A fast action-packed book that nonetheless does very little to move the overall plot forward. It's more like a transition or setup book before we get to the big Wizard's Ball and/or the invasion thing, whatever that's about. Lots of fighting - Felicia is sure something - and I enjoyed all the suitors suddenly appearing. Lots of the sisters getting to know one another, which was good, and Eli not talking to Lizbeth, not good. I noticed a couple of places with editing discontinuities, which pop me out of the "zone", but oh well. I did enjoy it, Harris can always keep me reading and I finished this in one sitting, but it just isn't as complete a story as the earlier ones.