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Book Review of Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf
glbirch avatar reviewed on + 205 more book reviews

As usual, Ms. Picoult's books combine her artful talent of telling a story from all different characters' perspectives, to illuminating some type of moral or ethical dilemma. So on the one hand, this story is about family relationships, especially siblings, and about quality of life issues & euthanasia.

But the backdrop for the story is this fascinating character who has lived among wild wolf populations. As a biologist, this was mesmerizing to read about, especially when you find from the forward and acknowledgements that she loosely bases the character on a real man, Shaun Ellis.

Picoult's books are always a fast read - her multi-perspective writing really keeps the pace moving well, but the background story made it hard for me to put down. Possibly one of my favorites by her, not so much for the "wow factor" at the penultimate plot twists (normally a nice plus in her books), but for the great combination of her writing style and her characters this time around.