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Book Reviews of Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7)

Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7)
Dead Beat - Dresden Files, Bk 7
Author: Jim Butcher
ISBN-13: 9780451460912
ISBN-10: 045146091X
Publication Date: 5/2/2006
Pages: 448
  • Currently 4.4/5 Stars.

4.4 stars, based on 355 ratings
Publisher: Roc
Book Type: Paperback
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cosmichomicide avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 134 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 5
Best yet, easily. Well written, no loose ends, nice to see a bit more of Butters and more of Bob's past.
JK avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 139 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 4
Coerced by a vampire, Harry must find a mysterious book, and, of course, save the world while he's at it. His helpers include a zombie T-Rex and a one-man polka band.

Number 7 in the series.
annapi avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 334 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Indiana Jones, meet Harry Dresden. You two are so much alike, full of kick-ass fun, and though the bad guys keep punching you and throwing things at you, you just keep on coming. Harry is blackmailed by the Black Court vampire Mavra into finding a book on necromancy for her under the threat of harm to Karin Murphy. Unfortunately, others are after the book, with the intent of using its power to elevate the lucky bad guy to god status. And they're more powerful than anyone Harry has ever come up against, so it looks like he may have to go the Wizard Council for help - but of course if they find out he's involved in necromancy they'll have his hide. The Dresden Files just keep getting better and better with each book, and I can't wait to see what Butcher will come up with next!
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 20 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
The series keeps getting better with each book!
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 16 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
A great addition to a good series.
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 66 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
great fantasy story.
gibsongirl avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 18 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This series is really fun. The writer is good, not excellent but a great, guilty read.
Zachaustlily avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 227 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Not as good as some of the others but hey even a decent Butcher is better than some other writer's best. I love Harry and we get to see more of him trying to walk the harrowing road of trying to do the right thing.
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 34 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I think this is my favorite Dresden book so far. I love Harry's character for the same reason I enjoy Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich)and Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs) they're all smart-alecky tough guys. The character of Butters is showcased in this book and I enjoyed getting to know this polka loving coroner. Harry's skills are put the test as per usual and in the end he has to trust people he doesn't like. A rollicking good read, and I love the pun in the title (after you read the book you'll get it).
BaileysBooks avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 491 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is Book 7 of the Dresden Files.

This book was a little different than the previous installments. There was a ton of action in the last third of the book when everything came together, but the start of the book only had pockets of action. It started off rather slowly, gradually building tension like a preternatural pressure cooker.

There was really only one main conflict in this book: necromancers were in town and wanted to do very bad things. Naturally, Harry got involved. And for the first time in the series, he was facing a situation that was truly and completely out of his league.

This book is full of surprises and I won't even hint at them with spoilers. Just know that there are character revelations, deceptions, alliances, misunderstandings, offers, and moral gray areas that significantly add to the depth and interest of the storyline.

The sub-plot of the storyline is vital to Murphy's future, and yet she is noticeably absent from all but the first and last pages of the book. Medical Examiner Waldo Butters is there to fill in the gaps and his character development was very well done and enjoyable (if not painful at times) to watch.

This book was very good once it got going. It was a darker book that hints at darker times on the horizon, but it hints at good things there as well. And it also reminds us of this universal truth: Polka will never die.
soraidh avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 20 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I was eager to pick this one up after the last Jim butcher book I read (Blood Rites) but I don't know... slow start. It took me about half the way through the book for me to finally go âyes!â and want to devour it.

I'm intrigued by the book's ending. And by some of the points it raises for future books in the series.

I like Lasciel. Which considering what she is, I suppose I probably should. What is it she's called in the book, the Seducer? I guess if I didn't like her she wouldn't be doing her job very well, huh? I'm looking forward to how this relationship develops and seeing if Harry can use her power without corrupting himself.

I found the developments with the fallen angel especially interesting in light of Harry's new status as Warden. Complicated life ya got there Harry. On the surface Harry isn't going to do much different as a Warden than he's doing now: protect Chicago, offer assistance to those who need it, foil bad guys. But what about Thomas?

Kumaori made sense, though she was a bit of zealot about it. If the power Harry uses can be turned toward evil why can't the darker power be turned to good? Will that help Harry in the struggle with Lasciel or get him in trouble?

I missed Murphy in this one. I missed the interaction between the two of them. I liked Sheila too though that's hardly surprising I suppose. Still I prefer Murph. I'd love to have known what made Hawai'i interesting for a few days there.
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on
Helpful Score: 1
I give the whole series 5 stars. The author has created realistic characters the reader can relate to. The characters have the same insecurities and flaws we all have, and some of the situations they find themselves in ring familiar, which helps place the reader right in the middle of the action. The main character is the underdog with the odds stacked against him more often than not, necessitating help from friends hed die to protect, fighting the forces of evil while struggling with his own internal dark side. These books keep you on the edge of your seat. I give them an A+.
robinmy avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 2051 more book reviews
A killer vampire threatens to destroy Karrin Murphy's reputation unless Harry Dresden does her bidding. The vampire wants the Word of Kemmler and all the power that comes with it. Harry soon finds out that there are several necromancers in town, looking for the same thing he is, and ready to raise an army of dead to accomplish it. With the help of Bob the skull and Medical Examiner Waldo Butters, Harry and the Wardens fight against the evil taking over the city.

Another action packed book. Thomas has been living with Harry while trying to figure out what to do with his life. Mouse has grown from a puppy into a pony-sized dog. The villains in this book stand out, especially the Corpsetaker. And, Sue the Dinosaur just makes everything perfect. I read this book a few years ago and this time I listened to the audiobook. Outstanding narration from James Marsters. My rating: 5 Stars.
solarawynn avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 724 more book reviews
Was over too soon,loved it.
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 17 more book reviews
good continuation of the series. Easy, masterful command of the language.
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 296 more book reviews
Book seven of the Dresden Files. It has gotten a bit Spielbegian how each problem is the 'absolute worst ever' until the next one, but the writing keeps getting better... and I do love the polka! Yay Butters!
bigkid avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 5 more book reviews
All I can say is I finished the next one in this series as well and I'll keep reading books by this author.
ltjmommy avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 24 more book reviews
Excellent series! I highly recommend it!
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 6 more book reviews
The entire Dresden file series is hilarious and a great read. I lost a lot of sleep with this series - once I started reading I really didn't want to stop (I know it sounds cliche but it is true).
fantasyisbetter avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 113 more book reviews
I love the entire Harry Dresden wizard series- Butcher's writing and characters are engaging and fun. Highly recommended to anyone who likes urban fantasy (magic, vampires, weres, etc.)
teacup49 avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 72 more book reviews
Harry Dresden is my hero! Loved this book and Jim Butcher just keeps getting better.
reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 1438 more book reviews
This is my second reading of this novel. (Forgot I had read it but enjoyed it nevertheless.) Harry Dresden is a wizard extradorinaire who lives in Chicago and works hard to protect the people from the nasties of the other world. In this book his friend, Karrin Murphy who is the head of S. I., is off to Hawaii on a romantic. However, her reputation is threatened when Mab blackmails Harry with photos of the two shooting a baddie which could get her dismissed from the police department at best. Mab wants Harry to find the World of Kemmler, a book that will help the owner accumulate such power that it would create chaos and kill hundreds of people. Harry, his brother, Thomas, and his friend, Butters, find themselves fighting all manner of creatures to prevent that from happening.

I truly enjoy the series through Dead Beat. In the last ones I read I felt that the author had changed the character more than I liked. Oh, well others probably liked those changes.
luv2cnewthings avatar reviewed Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7) on + 55 more book reviews
This one was a heavy hitter from the start, so-so much for complete escapism. Jim Butcher starts off with fratricide the definition found on is: a person who kills his/her brother or the act of killing ones brother. However, murder is not new in the Dresden universe. What made it more of a heavy hitter is that he moved onto death and the announcement that one day we will all die. Jim Butcher via Harry Dresden admits: Death isnt something anyone likes to think about, but the fact is that you cant get out of it. No matter what you do, how much you exercise, how religiously you diet, or meditate, or pray, or how much money you donate to your church, there is a single hard, cold fact that faces everyone on earth: One day its going to be over. One day the sun will rise, the world will turn, people will go about their daily routinesonly you wont be in it. Youll be still. And cold. (15 16) Perhaps it is just me, but this seems to be the polar opposite of escapism! Too much reality since tentacles of every day life touch upon death and people in general just dont want to think about it.

What exactly does this mean for the Dresden Universe? Necromancers! Well, actually it starts with a threat from Mavra which turns into face-offs with Necromancers. All disciples of a guy named Kemmler a bad a$$ that started a world war and owned Bob by the way.

Along the way there is a stop at the coroners office where Waldo Butters unwillingly comes along for the ride. (Personally, I dont know if Butcher was watching Southpark when he came up with the name or if he was watching NCIS and wanted to reinvent Palmer with a side of Urkel.) Eventually things become too big and too much for Harry and he will call in the Wardens. (No spoilers here, so I wont tell you the surprise that comes from that call!)

Where is Murphy when all of this is going on you might ask? She is in Hawaii with a certain someone and only makes two tiny cameo appearances. Another cameo appearance is Gentleman Marcone. He has one of my favorite quotes in this story: What is the point of having free will if one cannot occasionally spit in the eye of destiny? (162) Then there are always the one liners to fall back on, like: Polka will never die and Earth to Dresden, Bob said. You are standing knee-deep in de Nile. (199 and 25)

However , what really put a smile on my face was Harrys use of the dinosaur, Sue. Of course, being a female, I cant rule out the description of Thomas on pg 3: [he] looked like someones painting of the forgotten Greek god of body cologne. Finally, something for the gals.

Speaking for the gals again, first time Ive heard of death referred to as a female! Death flesh adorns you even now. Nails. Hair. You tend them and caress them like any other mortal. Your women decorate them. Entice with them. Death is not a thing to be feared, boy. She is a lover who waits to take you into her arms. You can feel her, if you know what her touch is like. Cold, slow, sweet. (29)

Venturing back to death and females is simply a good segue into the character of Kumori. She embraced necromancy so that she can stop people from dying?!? Immortality is just a myth. To explain Ill have to borrow a quote from Anne Rices The Wolf Gift: Immortality as we use this word is a grant of immunity from old age and illness Fine; we dont die, but that doesnt mean we stop aging, dont get sick or dont get hurt to the point where we might beg for death!

Okay, the last thoughts for Dead Beat: The event with Lasciel was predictable, as well as Bob becoming a tool!